01 May 2013

Soap And Glory No Clogs Allowed! Deep Cleansing Face Mask

When it comes to face masks, I'm always on the look out for something that will control breakouts, minimise pores and absorb oil as that is my main skin care concern. Last week the Una Brennan Mask stole my heart, it really is something special and not your run of the mill clay mask. As that was such a success, I hit Boots looking for something similar in the same price range.

I'd read a couple of reviews on this product, and it seemed right up my street and couldn't wait to get this baby home and give it a try. The Soap And Glory No Clogs Allowed mask is a self-heating 5 minute deep pore detox face mask that comes with a skin smoothing sponge to help remove the mask. It claims to be a deep cleansing treatment, ideal for greasy and blackhead prone skin.

The mask itself is thick, and has the perfect amount of scrubby grains for those who prefer a rougher exfoliation. It has a soft lemony, minty kind of smell which is refreshing and adds to the clean feeling.

To apply, use grape sized amount of this on perfectly cleansed skin and softly rub - Straight away you'll feel a warming sensation, which is lovely. Rub a little more until it changes colour from white to blue. When it changes colour, the Poreclear technology is activated and at this point you can wash it off for a quick clean, or leave it for 3-5 minutes as a mask and sponge it off using the little pink sponge included for a deeper more intense clean. 

After using, the skin feels incredibly soft and clean. Congested areas look smoother, and pores really look smaller ! I would suggest using this maybe 1/2 times a week, as its quite rough.

The mask is available from Boots, priced at £11.00

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