03 May 2013

Fashionista Custom Design Palette

Barcelona eye-shadow and Rose Shine blush 
Sytlish eye shadow and Juicy Apricot blush
Juicy Apricot swatch and Rose Shine swatch
Barcelona swatch and Stylish swatch

I really like the idea of building your own palette, colours specially selected by you and for you. But not many high street brands offer it, and high end pallets can get pretty expensive. If I told you you could fill a pallet with a choice  of almost 60 amazing quality eye shadows  blushers, bronzers and highlighters for just £10 you probably wouldn't believe me..

Fashionista, a brand available in Superdrug, offers just that! Just £10 pound for a custom palette how could I say no.
With so many shaded to chose from it did take me a while to decide, but I ended up with two eye shadows that can double up as highlighters, and two beautiful blushers.  

Barcelona - A light champagne gold prefect for highlighting cheeks bones  and brow brows, or used as an all over eye shadow. Applied on top of bronzer, this creates a beautiful natural summer glow.

Rose Shine - A dusky rose blush that looks beautiful on pale skin tones. Containing tiny gold shimmery fleck that create a healthy, but not shimmery glow. 

Stylish - This shade caught my eye straight away, its so stunning in the pan I didn't want to swatch it! Stylish is a very glittery, very sparkly gold eye shadow. This shade has very little fall out, and lasts really well on the eye of as a shimmery highlighter.

Juicy Apricot - I've seen a couple of reviews for this shade, and its totally my kind of blush. Juicy Apricot is a soft peach shade, with a little shimmer. When applied the shimmer isn't too visible,  so you're not left looking shiny. On the cheeks this gives you a fresh, healthy summer glow and would great teamed with a tan.

I am so happy with this pallet, and I am already planning what to have in my next pallet! I'm thinking a couple of brow colours.

The Fashionista Custom Design Quad is available from Superdrug and online on their website. The palette its self is priced at £5 an the pans of colour are £4, so its well worth designing your own as you can save up to £11! 

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