12 May 2013

Snow White Sugared Fig Eau De Toilette

Buying myself perfume is a very rare treat, probably because, generally speaking, I am a perfume snob. Perhaps as I have worked in the fragrance industry before I got spoilt by the intoxicating concoctions, and the standard high-street scent didn't grab me any more. I tend to steer away from fashion perfumes like Mark Jacobs, Gucci and Chloe and opt for more unusual and bespoke fragrances like Jo Malone or Tom Ford. So how did a gimmicky £4.99 H&M perfume steal my heart?

Something about this caught my eye last week - The thick clear glass bottle, the mysterious and dark illustration and the words sugared fig all leaped out to me. I needed it! Regardless of whether I liked it or not, I thought it would still look pretty on my dressing table. 

I got home and sprayed it on myself, expecting a sickly sweet child-like scent. But no, it was divine!

Fresh on the skin,  Sugared Fig Eau de Toilette is earthy, rich and intoxicating but somehow still  a fresh, clean linen experience. Once its settled it becomes more indulgent and creamy, with notes of black vanilla giving the scent a smooth sensuality. It has an ancient Middle Eastern quality about it because of the bergamot and almost dry musk and exotic sandalwood background. Making this a decadent gourmande fragrance. 

For me, this was a really great find and if you're into a similar kind of scent I'd head over to H&M and give this one a go. If you know of any other bargain scents, I'd love to hear about them!

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