11 May 2013

My Favourite Coffee Table Books

This is my first non-beauty related post, and I hope it gives you a little bit more on an in site into my life.
I love coffee table books, and tend to have 4 or 5 out at one time. If you don't know, a coffee table book is usually a hard cover book that is meant to sit on a coffee table or something similar in an area where you, friends or guests sit and are entertained, to inspire conversation. They tend to be oversized and of heavy construction, since there is no pressing need for portability. Subject matter is generally confined to non-fiction and the pages consist mainly of photographs and illustrations, accompanied by captions and small blocks of text, as opposed to long prose. Since they are aimed at anyone who might pick the book up for a light read, the analysis inside is often more basic and with less wording than other books on the subject. 

Winner of the Illustrated Book of the Year award in 1994, The Art Book has been an outstanding success and has become a well-known landmark in the art book world. Now published in over twenty different languages and in a miniature edition, it has received rave reviews from numerous newspapers and magazines and has made many appearances on the best seller lists.  An A to Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times, it debunks art-historical classifications by throwing together brilliant examples of all periods, schools, visions and techniques. Each artist is represented by a full-page colour plate of a definitive work, accompanied by explanatory and illuminating information on the image and its creator. 

I love tattoos, I only have one myself but I still love the story and creativity behind a tattoo. The huge recent growth in tattoo culture has in turn led to an influx of new talented artists, advancements in pigments and refinement of the equipment used. The Mammoth Book Of Tattoos includes the very best of the new work made possible by modern improvements in tattoo art. Here are over 500 images of tattoos, covering all styles from tribal pieces, Chinese characters and hieroglyphs to delicate air-brushed designs, and from all-over body suits to individual motifs. Featuring the work of L.A. Ink stars Corey Miller, Kim Saigh and Hannah Aitchinson, and London Ink's Nicole Lowe, Louis Molloy and Phil Kyle amongst many others.

You've probably seen a couple other bloggers with this, or Lauren Conrads Beauty Book and they're a great accompaniment to any coffee, or bedside table. In this book Lauren reveals how you can adapt her classic, understated style for yourself. In this bestselling book, she offers tips on exactly how to create your own beautiful, unique look – ensuring you look your gorgeous best for every occasion. Sharing her sources of inspiration and revealing her favourite looks, Lauren helps you create your own individual style and identify the absolute must-haves for your wardrobe. I actually got this book from The Works for only £1.99 so its worth checking it out if you have a store near you.

You've probably heard of or even own this book, as it has quickly become a cult coffee table book since its realise. Artistic genius and political activist Banksy, is responsible for decorating the streets, walls, bridges and zoos of towns and cites throughout the world. Witty and subversive, his stencils show monkeys with weapons of mass destruction, policeman with smiley faces, rats with drills and umbrellas. Wall and Piece is one of those books you simply cannot put down!

I've been collecting make up and beauty books for about 5 years, and I seriously adore them. I picked this book up on a whim, it was on offer in Debenhams for £3 because it was a little torn. In this book, world-renowned make up artist Scott Barnes –  the man behind Kim Kardashians  infamous contoured look – aims to inspire you to express yourself, try new things, push the envelope and reach your full potential using the power of make up. Based on the philosophy that make up can help inspire confidence that extends to all areas of your life, Face to Face is designed for the modern woman who has everything but time. Its full of great tips and new products, and is perfect for any make up addict. 

I really hope you enjoyed this type of post, and would love to hear if you have any coffee table book recommendations!

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