• Hello Terri Lowe - Terri Lowe is the anti beauty blogger. There's no Cath Kidston duvet covers or Instagram shots of her frappachino with this girl, just amazing and reviews and budget finds from the high street. I highly recommend giving her blog a read and following her Twitter, shes super interactive and always up for a natter.
  • Bamboozle Beauty Blog - Jemma's blog is full of informative reviews on every aspect of the beauty world. Jemma can always spot a skin care gem, and can produce some of the most stunning eye makeup looks i've ever seen. She's amazingly gorgeous, and she's even met the Spice Girls!
  • The Sunday Girl - You probably already follow The Sunday Girl blog, but i still feel her hard work and dedication to blogging deserves a mention. The Sunday Girl posts up to 5 times a day, which range from new releases to bargain beauty finds. Her reviews are seriously in depth and full of information. 
  • Makeup Savvy - The Makeup Savvy blog is full of the most amazing photography I've ever seen! She's got some serious nail art skills, and a great mix of beauty and lifestyle. 
  • Diary of a Makeup Geek - If you're into creative makeup looks, I highly recommend heading over to Aqeelas blog and check out her weekly makeup tag. She's also just started out on Youtube, and is making some great tutorials. 
  • Miss Makeup Magpie - Gemma is a genuine babe, who has made me feel so welcome in the blogging community. Her reviews are in-depth and honest and her blog is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. 
  • Makeup Pixi3 - I met Georgina last year when I was living in Cardiff, she gave me lots of excellent blogging advice and I've been in love with her blog ever since.


  1. Thank u so much babe means a lot when I see my blog getting noticed xx

  2. Awh! I love your little comment about me, I feel like the friendly punk of beauty blogging now! Haha.

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely mention Lucy :) really thanks!

    Fee x

  4. You are so lovely! Thank you :) xx