21 May 2013

Oily Skin Saviours

I've had oily skin since I was about 10 and only now 11 years later I've worked out a skin care and make up routine that actually works for me. I can safely say that I have tried everything but these Body Shop items are the tried and tested products that work amazingly with my oily skin, and have helped to keep my skin looking matte and making my make up last much longer. 

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser  (£7.50) - This pore minimising primer smooths effortlessly over the skin, to create an even and matte base for foundation to sit on. It has a strong Tea Tree scent which is probably slightly overpowering for some, but I find it quite lovely. The Tea Tree help to kill bacteria and aid the healing of blemishes, along with keeping oil at bay. This is probably more suited to someone with blemished and very oily skin, as it may be a little over drying for those with combination skin. 

Seaweed Night Treatment (£11.00) - I feel the Seaweed range has to have one of the most amazing smells I've ever come across, its light and fresh and really clean. Slick this treatment over freshly cleansed skin at night, and you'll wake up with clear healthy and shine free skin in the morning guaranteed. This night treatment is light and hydrating, adding just the right amount of moisture where needed and balancing oil in other places. 

Skin Primer Matte It (£12.00) - Primers are essential in an oily skinned girls make up bag, it'll make your make up last longer and will eliminate the need to re-powder during the day. This Body Shop primer glides over the T Zone leaving a soft silicone-y feel to the skin, leaving the perfect base for following products. It'll make your make up last 2-3 hours longer that usual, and unlike some primer it still feels soft and moveable on the skin. 

Seaweed Day Cream (£10.00) - Moisturiser is a product I always struggle with. I can never buy a moisturiser on a whim, hours of careful research, blog posts and website reviews much be carefully scoured before any kind of purchase is made. I have heavily oily skin, and anything too rich causes my skin to create highly excessive amounts of oil, and my foundation struggles to stay on. I tend to favour a lightly hydrating gel-cream that that dries matte leaving a perfect base for the following products applied. The Seaweed Day Cream is a product I have been using for years! This oil free gel-like formula absorbs beautifully into perfectly cleansed skin, moisturising dry areas and balancing oil in others. The cream is light to the touch, and has a fresh clean scent. When absorbed the day cream creates a matte, and shine free complexion ready for foundation. The gel-cream hybrid helps my foundation last around 2-3 hours longer that it would do without, and is still hydrating enough to keep me looking fresh and luminous.

                                              If you have oily skin, I would love to know your saviour product!

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