20 May 2013

MUA Intense Kisses High Intensity Lipgloss

Lips Are Sealed 
Quick Kiss
Sealed With A Kiss

I've always been a lipgloss over lipstick kinda girl, I don't know what it is but something about lipstick scares me I suppose. I've always liked a sheer pop of colour, with a natural glossy finish and the new MUA Intense Kisses Lipglosses are really something amazing. 

On the shelf they just stood out to me, I loved the clear simple packaging and the glittery little kiss printed on the lid was really cute. With eight to choose from I picked Sealed With A Kiss, Lips Are Sealed and Quick Kiss. On the lips these are surprisingly light, no stickiness or gloopyness in sight as they feel almost like a balm. So during windy days there's no need to worry about hair sticking to the lips!

As you can see from the pictures, the MUA Intense Kisses are pretty pigmented, and add just the right amount of colour and gloss in one swipe. They smell just like toffee, which is beautiful and makes you want to eat if off your lips. They last on the lips for around 2-3 hours which I suppose is pretty standard for a lip gloss. 

My favourite shade has to be Quick Kiss, I love the punchy coral colour and how it seams to really suit my fair skin and blonde hair.

Priced at only £2.00 these are so worth taking a look at, I would seriously recommend them for any lipgloss lover who still craves a hit of well pigmented colour.

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