14 April 2013

The Body Shop Chocomania Beautifying Oil

Body Shop Chocomania Beautifyng Oil

Body Shop Chocomania Beautifyng Oil
The Body Shop Chocomania body oil - £9

When it comes to body moisturisation I'm ashamed to say more often than not I skip it. After a hot bath or shower, I only want nothing more than to slip into some comfy pyjamas and hit the hay. My parched skin and dry patches have to that the back seat for another day. 

So when I do look for a moisturiser I am always drawn to something intensive with high levels of moisture so when I skip a few days I won't feel as bad for doing so. The Body Shop beautifying oil contains an array of natural oils and skin emollients to provide long lasting levels of moisturisation and keep skin super soft. 

The oil glides onto the skin beautifully, and absorbs within seconds leaving you with no waiting time before putting on your clothes. It leaves the skin looking healthy and full of life, and fixing any dry patches in its path.
Used on dry hair, the oil can tame flyaways and leave hair looking glossy and healthy.

The actual chocolate scent is actually very true to life, not too sickly but more of a deep and sensual aroma that lingers softly on the skin. I think if I was to repurchase this product I would go for a softer, cleaner or more fruity scent so it complement my perfume better - Which at the moment is Calvin Klein Beauty.

Priced at £9 for 100ml I think this is amazing value, you only need the tiniest amount for it to do a wonderful job. Available from The Body Shops nationwide.

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