23 April 2013

L'oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Oil and Gel Wash

L'oreal skin care has always been pretty avarage and underrated. Generally aimed at mature skin, although good quality, nothing has ever really caught my eye. Whist having my daily browse in Superdrug, scouring the shelves to see what's they had on offer, the huge half price sign above the new L'oreal skin care caught my eye. Thinking to myself its only a few pounds, if its no good I won't feel too bad about buying it. And after using it, I can easily say these products are amazing and have become a regular part of my skin care routine.

The oil cleanser is was initially caught my eye - I'm a massive fan of oils, as moisturisers, cleansers and make up removers and have been using them for years. Described as a 15 seconds all in one cleansing make up remover that's quick and easy to use, it sounded pretty dreamy so far, I checked the ingredients and noticed it contained mineral oil which I would steer clear of in most cases due to being prone to breakouts, but as this was a cleanser I thought it's going to be washed off the skin anyway so I went ahead and bought it along with a purifying facial wash which I got to go alongside my Clarsonic. 

When I got home, I'd never been so excited to take my make up off! I dispensed two pumps of the oils into my hands and massaged in for 15 seconds or so. The rinsed with warm water, creating a slight foam on my face a revealing a clean, fresh and totally make up free face! Every trace of make up, including eye liner and mascara had gone. But there was an ever so slight oily residue, so I used the gel cleanser and warm water to remove the rest and it did an amazing job.. There was no tightness, or sign of dry skin it was soft, and fresh and still looking healthy. 

In terms of benefits to the skin, these two products offer very little. But they are both excellent make up removers, which are quick and easy to use and do a fantastic job for a high street product.

Available from Boots priced at £7.99 and £4.49, but are both half price in Superdrug.

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