14 April 2013

Soap And Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk

Soap And Glory Smoothie Star - available here £10

Like most people, round Christmas time I took advantage of the Soap And Glory best of all gift set when it was on offer in Boots for £27. Infact, I bought 4 which might seem a little excessive but I've been using them as kind of emergency present ideas when an odd birthday pops up. As with any large gift set, the products inside are going to be a little hit and miss and luckily this item was a hit.

The Soap And Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk although described as a milk is a thick and creamy body moisturiser that contains cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil. Contained in a huge 500ml bottle, with pump dispenser making is hygienic and ensures minimal wastage. In terms of moisture, it dose of pretty good job of smoothing out dry skin and adding some much needed hydration to parched winter skin.

The scent is heavenly, think cake mixture and sweet almond oil and you get the idea. It's definitely not a scent everyone will like as it does linger a lot of the skin, but if you like something sweet and soft like freshly baked cookies I seriously recommend heading to Boots and giving this a try.

Although £10 is a little steep, you do get a lot of product and if on offer again I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase.  

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