21 April 2013

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

I've always had problematic skin - Acne, enlarged pores, excess oil, blemishes. So when Alpha-H Liquid Gold claims to help diminish these problem, whist adding radiance and refining the skins texture it was something I just had to try out.
Alpha-H Liquid Golds magic ingredient is Glycolic Acid which sounds rather scary but Glycolic Acid is what is known as a chemical exfoliant which dissolve dead skin cells gently and is actually much less abrasive than a physical exfoliant such as a face scrub with grains or beads. Some abrasive facial scrubs can irritate and aggravate skin, causing anything from dry or sore skin, to making your skin produce excess oil to compensate for the natural oils you've removed. 

To use, just soak a cotton pad and sweep over perfectly cleansed skin and down the neck at night. Follow with your usual serum and moisturiser, or leave bare for a more intense treatment. Upon application you will feel a slight tingle to the skin, which isn't at all unpleasant and calms down after a few minutes.

I've been using Alpha-H Liquid Gold 2-3 times a week since November and I'm pleased to report some noticeable changes in my skin. Whenever I use it at night, its guaranteed my skin will brighter and healthier in the morning But there has been long term changes too - Primarily, the texture of my skin is smoother, tighter a lot clearer. My enlarged pores and blackheads around my nose and chin are much less visible, and feel much smoother meaning my make up sits better and for longer on my skin. And lastly my small acne scars are becoming less visible.  

Priced at £31.50 for 100ml from Cult Beauty may seem a little expensive, but I've been using this since November and I have about half left! So if you're looking to improve the texture of your skin, add some brightness and get rid of blackheads I really recommend getting this!

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