13 April 2013

ELF Powder Brush

ELF Powder Brush - £3.75

Generally, if you're paying under £10 for a make up brush you're not going to be getting anything special - They can be rough and hard to use, turning your make up into a streaky mess. I think its worth spending the extra on brushes, they apply foundation flawlessly and make easy work of eye shadow blending. This ELF brush has been known to steel the hearts of many a beauty blogger, replacing their MAC and Stigma brushes with something a little more pocket friendly. 

When I first put an order in for the ELF Powder Brush I wasn't expecting much, I doubted I'd fall for the hype considering its a brush that cost under £4.. But trust me, pleasantly surprised was an understatement.

The brush itself is an anti bacterial synthetic haired Taklon brush, making it super soft and suitable for wet and dry products. Since using the brush I have had zero fall out which is almost unheard of when it comes to cheaper brushes.
The  ELF brush can be used in a number of ways, from stippling on liquid foundations to pushing on cream blush or just softening and finishing off and entire look.

Being an oily skin gal, I think the best use for this brush is pushing on a setting powder after foundation. It makes the foundation last a lot longer, and adds a little extra coverage to the areas you need it without disturbing the foundation itself.  

This brush really is an excellent brush, and has a firm place in my make up bag.

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