13 April 2013

Soap And Glory Bright Here Bright Now Radiance Balm

Bright Here Bright Now - £11.00

Bright and radiant skin never goes out of fashion. Throughout the years we've cleansed, exfoliated, squeezed and slathered our skin in the hopes if creating perfection. But sometimes that natural glowing completion is just out of reach.. 

Enter Soap And Glory Bright Here Bright Now. This genius product is a one step wonder for creating that beautiful glow we've been lusting after. Used as a moisturiser, this product instantly tightens and brightens - The soft light reflecting particles blend subtly into the the skin, creating a perfect base for foundation leaving the whole look looking dewy and glowy. Mixed with foundation, you create for yourself a soft focus and luminous tinted moisturiser which helps fake that sort after natural looking radiant skin.

Using this for the first time I was worried as I have very oily skin, and I didn't want my foundation slipping off half way though the day. But I am pleased to say it worked very nicely and created a perfect base, that my foundation sat well on.

This product is available at Boots, and priced at £11 and I feel that's pretty dang reasonable for 50ml of product. 

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