07 July 2013

Collection Work The Colour Eye Shadow Pencils

I've mentioned a few times that I don't particularly get on with eye shadows, and it's a step I tend to miss out in my make up routine. For me eye shadow is a step that takes too long, can get messy and more often than not wears off by about 12:30 anyway. Enter the game changer - Because I am a total bargain fiend and I know Superdrug change their offers every Tuesday/Wednesday I tend to be in there at that time in the week to scour the cosmetic bargains and get my mits on some bargainous goodness. 

The Collection Work The Colour Shadow Pencils were new out this week, and had an introductory offer of only £2.50 in Superdrug. I swatched them in store and, well - wow! - these things are pigmented. They felt soft, creamy and bendable so I picked up to ultra wearable shades to see how they faired. The shades I chose were Vanilla Sky, a pretty champagne perfect for brow bone highlighting, and Vintage Blush, a pink-y rose gold. 

Application couldn't be simpler, sweep the super soft pencil over the lid, brow bone or in the tear duct and blend with your finger if required. The creamy pencil shadow sets slightly giving you budge free shadow that's guaranteed not to move, smudge or crease all day. You can use them alone for a quick was of colour, or as a base for darker shadows to intensify the colour and prolong its wear. I found that Vintage Blush looks amazing under bronze shadows!

If I were to offer you any tip when using these I would say you do have to work with them pretty quick as they do dry on the skin within seconds, and when they've set - they've set. Also, don't leave the lid off for too long because I have found they can dry out slightly. 

Priced at only £3.19, or on offer in Superdrug for £2.50 at them moment - I will be picking up the shade Hot Chocolate as soon as I can because these are seriously great if you're after a super long wearing shadow, with a fuss free application.

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