01 October 2013

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Put To The Test

Like many, I was naturally intrigued when I saw this new L'Oreal range advertised. The simplistic adverts boasted claims of 'photo perfect skin', which is something I'm sure all of us would strive to achieve. I'd come to the end of my current day cream, so picked up the L'Oreal Perfecting Day Moisturiser and Advanced Correcting Serum from Savers. It's not often I buy something, especially skin care, without reading one hundred reviews about it and making sure it would 100% be suited to my very picky skin. 

When I brought them home I looked for a couple of reviews online, but being a relatively new product there wasn't really much out there about it. I had a read of the box, so I could at least get a general feel of what this product was supposed to do. You can see from the above picture that L'Oreal promises some pretty bold claims - And I've decided to put them to the test!

For four weeks, I will use nothing but L'oreal Skin Perfection serum and moisturiser and will write a follow up post at the end of the month to see if they live up to the claims.

Skin texture is a problem I suffer with massively, I have very large and open pores, uneven skin tones and a generally lack-lustre completion. I am really interested to see how these work out for me, and what they can do for my needy skin.

Tune in in four weeks time to see how I get on!

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